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  • The basic function of our chopper phosphates consists in the activation of the muscle protein and the stabilization of the sausage emulsion (improvement of consistency). The choice of the right phosphate combination plays a decisive role in obtaining these goals. It is the know-how of BK Giulini as manufacturer of food additives to achieve an optimum efficiency by combining different polyphosphates in the respective phosphate specialities which meet the requirements of the specific field of application for emulsified, comminuted meat products (cooked sausages) in order to obtain the desired emulsion like distribution and the binding of fat and water in cooked sausages, for the formation of structure and consistency.

    Color intensifiers / Color stabilizers

  • TARI® Colpur – JABAROT®
  • A sufficient color development of meat products depends substantially on the added color stabilizers. In our color stabilizers the positive effects of different color enhancers are combined in a suitable manner (adapted to the respective type of meat product or the applied technology) to obtain an assured and fast curing color development, an attractive color with the desired stability together with an optimum utilization of added nitrite. By this also the residual nitrite content in the finished meat product is distinctly reduced.

    Combination products and complete compounds

  • TARI® complet K – TARI® combi K – FIBRISOL® combi K – TARI® K
  • Business Unit Food offers a highly efficient, complete product system for the whole sector of emulsified meat products with different well-selected, techno-functional ingredients including but not limited to combination products of phosphates, color stabilizers, seasonings/aromas and for economy-priced, higher yield products with hydrocolloids, proteins, starches etc.
  • Maturing agents for increased production safety of quick- or traditionally long-term matured raw/dry sausages, for controlled desiccation, pH- and color development, retardation of growth of undesirable microorganisms with the objective of reduced manufacturing time for raw, cooked and semi-cooked salami, with and without starter cultures.